Looking forward to getting my shred on. See you up there Andrew Holson, Tim McChesney, Ryan Wyble.

Off to Mammoth

Off to Mammoth as soon as I finish packing.

Corey Felton Shredding


Check this picture of Corey Felton!

Getting Ready to Head off to Mammoth

Getting ready to leave for Mammoth tomorrow. Going to meet up with Andrew Holson, Tim McChesney and Ryan Wyble. Can't wait for fun on the slopes!

Nike 6.0 Pro

Hanging at the Nike 6.0 Pro at Lower Trestles.

Alex Schlopy and Team America JOSS 2010 Edit

Check out Alex Schlopy slaying it with teammates Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch as Team America at JOSS

Off to MBYP Mixer

Off to the MBYP Mixer.

Joss Christensen Takes Second at WSI Pipe

Congratulations to Joss Christensen on his 2nd at WSI super pipe. So SICK!!!!

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